Shiri's Songs
'Shiri' means 'sing' in Hebrew, and Shiri sure knew how to sing.

In 1993, Shiri joined her cousin in singing a "bon-voyage song" he wrote to his friend, Eli, who travelled to the USA for the summer. Shiri contributed her unique voice and happiness to this project, and here are MP3 files of that song in which you can hear Shiri singing with her cousin...
3 years earlier, when shiri was 10 years old, she sang the following songs with her sister and cousin. The songs are called "We shall not stop", and "The song of peace" (this is the same song sang by Rabin before he was assassinated on 1995).
"We shall not stop"
"The song of peace"
The girl who sang "sing a song for love and not for war" was murdered.
Shiri's answering machine message ...
Shiri's poetry, Shiri's handwriting
"Scars that you left behind,
Are now a smile
Lagoons of sadness,
In the end of days,
within the stories words ...
have turned into albums of good days,
stuffed in a dusty room ..."
More Of Shiri's Poetry (In Hebrew)