Shiri Memorial


Shiri's family is now examining ways to perpetuate her beloved memory.

We lost Shiri forever, but we're not going to let her memory slip away.


Here’s how you can help:

1.    Forward the link to this web site to as many people as possible in order to distribute Shiri's story around the world.

2.    We would appreciate ideas and info from people with experience in that field.

3.    Donations are welcome and will help us maintain Shiri's memorial activities.


Shiri's family has opened up a memorial fund.

The fund shall be used to perpetuate Shiri, and will be supervised by an attorney and by an accountant.


Donations can be transferred to the following bank account:


Shiri Memorial Fund

Bank Account Number 280883

'Ramot' Branch Number 538


Jerusalem Israel



You can also use the following post office box:

POB 23320

Zip Code 91233

Jerusalem, Israel